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My Own Sites

Site NameSite URLSite Description
Amiga Cityhttps://amigacity.xyzPortal for the classic Amiga computers - Lots of downloads and a BBS
AmigaNethttps://amiganet.vlzn.nlOfficial site for the AmigaNet BBS network
BattleGrrlshttps://battlegrrls.gameplayer.clubFemale Xonotic clan
BBS @ NewtonCityhttps://bbs.newtoncity.orgBBS for the Apple Newton
BBS Listhttps://bbslist.synchronetbbs.orgBBS list and ratings website - checks BBS's in real time throughout the day
Conquest Fanshttps://conquest.gameplayer.clubFan site for the classic multiplayer space game Conquest
Empire Directoryhttps://empiredirectory.netOfficial site for the Empire & Imperium multiplayer text games
Flightgear SGhttps://flightgearsg.gameplayer.clubMultiuser server for Flightgear located in Singapore
FPS Gameplayer Clubhttps://fps.gameplayer.clubSite related to the FPS game genere
GameNet BBS Networkhttps://gamenet.synchronetbbs.orgHosts the GameNet BBS Network
Game Player Clubhttps://gameplayer.clubHosts a variety of online games & community for fans
Lists @ GamePlayer Clubhttps://lists.gameplayer.clubEmail lists for our subscribers to chat with each other
Lugdunon Cityhttps://lugdunoncity.orgPortal for the Lugdunon RPG engine & Lugdunon hosting plans starting at $14/month
Mek Cityhttps://mekcity.comPortal for Battlemech games & hosts the Mechwar 3067 MUX
Mine Cityhttps://minecity.comFan site for Minetest & Minetest hosting plans starting at $14/month
Mundo Sangrehttps://mundosangre.comOfficial site for my in-development RPG "Mundo Sangre"
Newton Cityhttps://newtoncity.orgPortal for the Apple Newton platform. Lots of downloads & torrents
Opensim Cityhttps://opensimcity.orgPortal for the Opensim virtual world software
PocketGameshttps://pocketgames.onlineWebstore selling handheld emulation consoles
Pocket Gohttps://pocketgo.onlineFan site for the game of Go in english. Lots of commented games
Pocket Mudhttps://pocketmud.comSells CoffeeMUD hosting plans starting at $14/month
PSP Gameplayer Clubhttps://psp.gameplayer.clubFan site for the PSP & PSVita and provides a PPSSPP Adhoc server
Sing Servershttps://singservers.gameplayer.clubOperates several game servers in the Singapore area
Synchronet BBS Fanshttps://synchronetbbs.orgFor fans of the Synchronet BBS software and also provides hosting starting at $14/month and lots of doors
Terraria Fanshttps://terraria.gameplayer.clubFor fans of the sandbox game Terraria. And also provides hosting starting at $14/month
Torrent Clubhttps://torrentclub.techProvides a torrent tracker and limited torrent seeds
Wesnoth Game Player Clubhttps://wesnoth.gameplayer.clubMultiplayer Wesnoth server

Sites of my Clients

Site NameSite URLSite Description
Covenants of Lords MUDhttps://covenantsoflords.pocketmud.comCoffeeMud MUD
Crafting For A Curehttps://craftingforacure.synchronetbbs.orgSBBS
Darkscience BBShttps://bbs.darkscience.netSBBS
Desert Stormhttps://desert-storm.minecity.onlineMinetest Server
Havens BBShttps://havens.synchronetbbs.orgSBBS
HM-Serverhttps://hm-server.minecity.onlineMinetest Server
Imagining Stuffhttps://imaginingstuff.pocketmud.comCoffeeMud MUD
Kellermudhttps://kellermud.pocketmud.comCoffeeMud MUD
Lands of Terichttps://landsofteric.comCoffeeMud MUD
Lions Den BBShttps://lionsden.synchronetbbs.orgSBBS
Lost Gonzo BBShttps://lostgonzo.synchronetbbs.orgSBBS
NRI Creativehttps://nri.creative.minecity.onlineMinetest Server
Randyshttps://randys.pocketmud.comCoffeeMud MUD
Skynesshttps://skyness.minecity.onlineMinetest Server
Tamara And Maxhttps://tamaraandmax.lugdunoncity.orgLugdunon
The Celtic Brochhttps://tcb.synchronetbbs.orgSBBS
Undercurrents BBShttps://uc.synchronetbbs.orgSBBS

Discord Servers I Run or Contribute To

Server NameJoining URLServer Description
Commodore Amiga (Official) Discord for the Commodore Amiga
Battle for Wesnoth, The server for the online strategy game The Battle for Wesnoth
Battletech MUX my Battletech MUX RPG
Bay Scooter my Bay Scooter website and group
CoffeeMUD the CoffeeMUD MUD engine
Conquest the classic online multiplayer game Conquest
LinuxGSM Server Help project help get Linux-hosted game servers running
Lugdunon the Lugdunon online RPG engine
Mangband Rogue-like RPG for the rogue-like game Mangband
MegaMekNet for the online Battletech game MegaMek
Minetest Discord (Unofficial) for Minetest sandbox game
Mudlet discord for this MUD client
Multi User Dungeon great Discord for MUD fans
Mundo Sangre my MMORPG being developed
Opensim the Opensim virtual world platform
Pokemon Online supporting the Pokemon Online software
PocketGo portal for the game of Go in English
PSP / PSVita Fans for fans of the PSP / PSVita and the PPSSPP Emulator
PSVita Community for fans of the PSVita
RPG Maker MV supporting the RPG Maker MV game creation engine
SynchronetFans discussing the Synchronet BBS software
Teeworlds Online Shooter server for the online shooter Teeworlds
Trade Wars 2002 the online BBS door game
Wolfpack Empire the online strategy game
Xonotic FPS the FPS Xonotic