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Synchronet_Utili Synchronet_Utilities HOT

Makes running a Synchronet BBS on Linux easier. If you are new to Linux you definitely want these tools!

Includes these tools:

- bbs_utils (1.4) - Simple tools to make adding files to your BBS easier and posting adverts about your BBS and files to message bases.
- SyncBackup (2.0) - Keeps the last 5 backups of your server and daily backups. Now has offsite-backup option.
- SynchronetManagementConsole (1.15.2) - Manage your BBS with a nice text GUI interface. Start, Stop, edit configs, etc.
- SynchronetStartup (1.2.0) - Starts your server at boot time and within 1 minute if it should crash.

Created 2021-03-11
Changed 2021-03-11
Version 1.15.3
Size 7.68 MB
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Changed by Marisa Giancarla
Downloads 158
License GNU/GPL external

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