So why do you run a BBS or enjoy connecting to them?. Personally I've never been able to handle the speed of the web. Depending on who's hosting the website determines the speed of the site. The more you pay the faster it is. When I'm looking for something on the web I have no patience. If the page doesn't load instantly, I'm gone! Bye, Bye, SeeYa! That's why I love BBSing. For the speed and simplicity. I'm not going to hangout on facebook, twitter or whatever just to read messages. It's dumb. The only problem is nobody knows about the a BBS. So if you're like me and can't handle waiting for pages try the BBS. Download one of the programs here, install and go. You can start here by connecting to or better yet use one of the programs I mentioned and connect to on port 23.


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I like to make a suggestion. I suggest this site puts some "zip" to it cause I cant handle how slooooow it is. :dry


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