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OpenDoors 6.20 C/C++ door programming toolkit. OpenDoors is an advanced, easy to use library for writing online software such as BBS doors.

Includes full source code and DLL for the native-Win32 version. v6.20 modifications by Rob Swindell (www.synchro.net) add support for TCP socket (Telnet) connections and Door32.sys!

OpenDoors transparently interfaces with most BBS systems, automatically displays output on both local and remote screens, creates ANSI/AVATAR/RIP control sequences, and provides a sysop interface with commands for chat, time adjustment, disconnecting, etc. http://www.attcanada.net/~pirie/opendoors.html (C) 1991-2001 Brian Pirie

Created 2018-07-20
Changed 2018-07-20
Version 6.20
Size 595.62 KB
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Changed by Marisa Giancarla
Downloads 982
License GNU/GPL external

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