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My BBS hosting has been a great experience. Being new with Linux and remote administration, I had lots of help from Marisa and the Discord team. Issues were fixed fast! Thank you Synchronet BBS Hosting! Kevin McBrady, https://outland.synchronetbbs.org/ @ 2023-07-31, 08:03
If you are looking into hosting a BBS in the cloud I recommend synchronetbbs.org. They have the knowledge and great support around BBS'es to get you going. Jan Espen Pedersen, https://dasan.no @ 2022-08-26, 18:25
MarisaG is very attentive to detail, kind, courteous and set me up with a really nice Ubuntu server running SynchronetBBS.

She had the kind and grace to configure dovenet bbslink and much more, even packaged a TON of awesome door games. I am really impressed by the quality of service and the kindness and generosity of this place.

Returning customer guaranteed and will definitely refer these amazing services to friends who are interested.

Thanks again MarisaG! Simon Dumas, paradoxbbs.synchronetbbs.org:2000 @ 2021-03-04, 22:38
MarisaG has provided me with a Ubuntu Server with Synchronet BBS running. The server came pre-loaded with tons and tons of doors, and she has been there to help whenever I have needed it. I highly recommend Marisa's services, they are professional and you can't fault them.

Thanks MarisaG! Nick Young, tfsi.synchronetbbs.org:2000 @ 2021-03-04, 10:06
I have enjoyed greatly the service provided for my board through synchronetbbs.org. Setup was simple and the support has been exceptional. What you are offered with the service is a full website package and synchronet bbs setup on a linux server. I used to run my own system on WinXP but always worried about security. Linux is able to run most of the older BBS games. For those that it cannot, by using one of the few door game servers, you are able to add it to your board. Linux is also able to do more than just what you could do with dos BBS so it is like another world so it makes it fun to see what you can do with the system. So check it out. It is possible to have a modern and secure system running while running a BBS. Lockery, https://tcb.synchronetbbs.org/ @ 2018-05-19, 20:44

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion? aczencgbdq, ufdhhkguas @ 2021-03-25, 17:22
Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion? equiiccsxo, xqebptkmei @ 2020-11-13, 17:42

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Great hosting service. Issues I had were resolved VERY fast. I would highly recommend this BBS hosting service to anyone wanting a remote service to host their BBS on. KrAAB, kraaby.synchronetbbs.org @ 2019-08-29, 22:07
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